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North Carolina Gun Attorney: Defending and Advocating for Gun Owners

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North Carolina Gun Attorney: Defending and Advocating for Gun Owners

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North Carolina Gun AttorneyBecome Informed, Be Prepared and Play It Safe With a North Carolina Gun Attorney

A North Carolina gun attorney knows the law. Do you know firearms law in North Carolina? If not, unintended criminal charges are more frequent than you may think. Incidents may involve concealed or open carry, purchase and possession. Be certain to educate yourself, as much as you can. If you require any help or assistance, or if you are ever faced with any charges involving a weapon, the attorney network at North Carolina Gun Trust covers the entire state. We partner with you to protect your Second Amendment rights. And our Firearms Incident Emergency Retainer covers you the entire year for only $150. Do you really want to assign that to an out-of-state attorney referral service and not really know who your lawyer may be?

The lawyers at North Carolina Gun Trust have over twenty years of experience in handling gun possession cases, defending and advocating for gun owners. We’re not only the NFA Gun Trust leader in North Carolina but may also be able to assist you on matters which include:

  • Firearm Restoration of Rights
  • ATF Matters
  • BAFTE Matters
  • NFA Gun Trusts
  • Conceal Carry
  • Open Carry
  • Accidental Discharge
  • DOJ Matters
  • FFL & SOT Licensing
  • Machine Guns
  • Assault Weapons
  • Silencers
  • Self-Defense
  • Brandishing
  • Explosives
  • Much More

Complex federal firearm laws and estate planning are both involved in NFA Gun Trusts Firearm owners who wish to set up a trust should understand all that is involved. The DIY, online and dealer trusts we review include contain faults, deficiencies and defects. These include dealer NFA trusts, online form NFA trusts, DIY NFA trusts and NFA gun trust templates.

Your NFA Gun Trust is a state-specific legal instrument which must be properly drafted to be valid. Too much is at stake to place your valuable assets in a defective trust. Why risk your collection investment? An invalid trust may result in improperly transferred NFA items and can also raise serious criminal issues. Why risk enormous fines or jail?

Unfortunately, for those unprepared or ill-prepared, many firearm crimes carry a mandatory sentencing for those found guilty. If you have any questions concerning sound firearms-related planning or gun laws, contact a North Carolina gun attorney at North Carolina Gun Trust. If you are already facing felony or misdemeanor firearm charges, call or message North Carolina Gun Trust to schedule a free consultation.

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